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Vlukon believes in product solution which makes life easier for the end-user. This is just not a slogan but it is the way we conduct business. We want to make you're work-life easy!
We are in business to partner with our customers and companies; to provide products and solutions that solve unique applications. This may mean we suggest pre-designed Industrial wheels and Pneumatic wheels with steel rim or it may mean we custom engineer the product to the application.
In either case, we go beyond the standard to provide the right solution to our customer’s application with 100% satisfaction.

We develop metal rims and wheel support systems based on your request.

So please involve us in your journey and let us help you to solve your challenges


At Vlukon metal wheel factory for Industrial & Agriculture use, you can find the following:

- Qualitative advice on the development of metal rims and wheels
- Small batches of specially adapted wheels to suit your needs
- Very short delivery times, also for custom-made products

- For manufacturers of machines & equipment: Tailor-made prototype and sample testing.
- For dealers and end-users: technical advice to find the best solution.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any type of metal rim or tyre. We are happy to answer all your questions!

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