LIV Systems


A Partnership Built on Complementary Strengths. The synergy between Vlukon and LIV Systems is founded on a base of complementary expertise. This partnership enables both companies to provide a comprehensive solution spanning from conceptual design to mass production, allowing them to meet the diverse needs of the market.

Together, LIV and Vlukon can manufacture a wide range of products, with deep drawing and sheet metal stamping at the core. What sets the companies apart as metal processors is our ability to apply surface treatments such as powder coating, galvanizing, and passivation in-house.


Vlukon BV: Leading in Custom Wheel Solutions

Vlukon BV, renowned for its expertise in developing and engineering complete wheel systems, leads in innovation. The focus on axles, innovative tires, suspension, and disc brakes, targeting small batches and short lead times, ensures that each product is tailored to meet the exact requirements of its application.


LIV Systems: Scalable Production with Advanced Technology

LIV Systems complements Vlukon's expertise with extensive production capabilities. With a large facility equipped with high levels of automation, LIV Systems excels in manufacturing large batches of metal rims and complete wheel systems, supported by advanced technologies such as metal coil slitting lines and a new powder coating plant established in 2023.


Contact us to discover how the unique collaboration between Vlukon BV and LIV Systems can support you in the supply of custom deep-drawn semi-finished products.



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