Industrial tyres with drive and hub fitting

Pros and cons

  • Because Vlukon metal rims with connection dimensions are made of high strength European D13 steel, they are highly resistant to high loads and shocks.
  • Adjusting the stitch and connection gauge to your wishes is our speciality.
  • High-performance tread for demanding applications
  • Good wear resistance for a long service life of the tyre
  • Because Vlukon has the widest range of moulds, we can deliver quickly for many different types of machines.
  • We sell only to business customers and the minimum order amount per item is 500,- Euro.
  • At the moment the urgent deliveries of custom products within 2 weeks are only available for strategic customers.
Bandenmaat Bandenmaat Width & Diameter in inches. Rim size Load / kg Load / kg load indication at speed load indication at speed = distance from the centre of the rim to the inside of the inner rim plate. Also known as Einpresstiefe (E.T.). Indicated with "D" in the drawing (D) Offset mm Marked with "C" in the drawing. See also "Design of the stud holes". (C) Stud hole diameter mm PR PR Patroon Patroon Band Band the pressure in the tyres, unit of measurement: Bar Druk bar Mittenlochdurchmesser markiert mit "A", Lochkreisdurchmesser markiert mit "B" und Anzahl der Schraubenlöcherzahl markiert mit "C". Ø Mittenloch (A), Ø Bolzenlochkreis (B) und Bolzenlochzahl (C) Reference No. Information
6.00-9 4.00Ex9 1300 5 km/h 0 12.5 6 S-369 540x160 7.0 85/115/4 WG30LLS6504 Read more
6.00-9 4.00Ex9 1300 5 km/h 0 14.0 6 S-369 540x160 7.0 94/140/5 WG30LLS6501 Read more

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