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Increasing demands for quality and durability have led to a considerable increase in the cost of wheel failure.

Vlukon develops and manufactures high-quality technical rims and wheel solutions that meet the highest demands. We would like to help you with the development of new products or by developing existing products. By evaluating together with you the preferences and advantages of the end user, we can incorporate our state of the art of knowledge and technology into a product proposal.
Increasing the service life, user comfort, ease of installation, and a modular construction to create product configurations for each product configuration, allowing us to meet individual customer requirements. We are happy to discuss the points of interest with you. You can be confident that we guarantee the manufacturability of the product so that the cost price remains under control. We are also expert in customised deliveries in small batches with very short delivery times

For Vlukon, it is easy to integrate your wishes into the rim and tyre for the end user.
In special or particularly difficult circumstances, we analyse the complexity of the situation and work with you to develop an individual solution.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to answer all your questions by phone or in writing!

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