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The Vlukon metalworking plant for wheels, rims, springs and axles is strategically located just 5 km from the German city of Aachen, is in the pulsating heart of Western Europe. Our facility, boasting an impressive 6,000 m² of production and storage space on an extensive 11,000 m² site, forms the foundation of our high-quality production activities.

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At Vlukon, we specialise in the production of advanced wheel and wheel suspension systems, including rims, tyres, axles, hubs, torsion axles, and spring blocks, as well as custom solutions. To deliver these top-quality products, we have a wide range of production resources at our disposal:


  • R&D: Our dedicated research and development team continually works on innovation and optimisation of our products.
  • In-house Die-making: We develop and manufacture our own dies, ensuring flexibility and speed in our production processes.
  • Assembly: With utmost precision and craftsmanship, we combine components into high-quality end products.
  • Hydraulic Deep Drawing, Stamping, Punching, Nibbling: Using state-of-the-art technologies, we shape metals to desired specifications.
  • Advanced 3D Laser Cutting: Our Trumpf 3D True Laser Cell 3000 of 4KW ensures unparalleled precision in metalworking.
  • High-quality Powder Coating: With our recent 2023 update in technology and capacity, we offer top-quality finishes, utilising systems from the renowned brand GEMA.
  • Precision CNC Milling and Turning: Our machines from Hyundai and Style guarantee accuracy and efficiency.
  • Tyre Development: We develop tyres that meet the unique needs of our customers.
  • Advanced Hydraulic Pressing: For shaping and combining materials at the highest level.
  • Round and Spot Welding: For strong and durable connections.
  • Development and Assembly of Torsion Axles: We design and assemble torsion axles that ensure optimal performance and durability.
  • Deburring: Essential for removing rough edges and burrs for a smooth finish on metal parts.

Each of these production processes reflects our commitment to advanced technology and craftsmanship, resulting in products that radiate both quality and innovation. At Vlukon, with the exception of rubber tyres, we use exclusively non-Asian raw materials. This enables us to ensure short delivery times and stable, reliable quality. Our pursuit of excellent production and customer satisfaction is central to everything we do, making Vlukon your reliable partner for the highest quality wheel solutions.


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