OE Made 2 Measure

Custom-made metal rims and wheel sets (Made 2 Measure)

Most of the products we supply are tailored to individual customer requirements.

For Vlukon, it is easy to integrate the wishes of you and the end user into the rim and tyre.

A special wheel version differs from the standard range because of: special colour coating, connection dimension, reinforcement, dimensions, choice of materials, hub version or wheel bearing arrangement.

In addition, individual problem solutions for individual needs are created with an extremely high level of reliability, because for 40 years we have been owning our own mould factory in-house for 40 years.
Wheel sets can be supplied with wheels of different series, with welded hub, 2-piece wheel rim for solid rubber industrial tyres, with different track width and rim offsets.

In special or particularly difficult circumstances, we analyse the complexity of the situation and work with you to develop an individual solution.
The products listed below are just a small selection of a virtually inexhaustible range of custom-made rims and wheels from Vlukon.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions!

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