Powder coating

As of September 2023, you can outsource your powder coating jobs to Vlukon

Our technology, capacity, and performance of the powder coating line have been upgraded in 2023 through a major refurbishment. Since the refurbishment, we have been able to accept individual powder coating jobs.


The maximum product dimensions for powder coat orders are:

2000 x 180 x 1650mm


2000 x 480 x 1100 mm

Minimum order: €350.


The Vlukon Powder Coating Service

Powder coating at Vlukon involves a series of processes and activities tailored to the diverse needs of our customers. Here is a detailed overview of our services:

  1. 1. Products Suitable for Powder Coating at Vlukon: Vlukon has the capacity to powder coat a wide range of products. Our state-of-the-art powder coating line is equipped to handle various materials, including metals such as steel and aluminium, ensuring a durable and high-quality finish. Whether it's automotive parts, machine components, or custom fabrications, our powder coating process provides an aesthetically pleasing, corrosion-resistant, and robust finish that extends the lifespan of the product.

  2. 2. What Makes Vlukon's Powder Coating Service Unique: Our powder coating service is distinguished by technical excellence and a customer-focused approach. We use advanced technology and high-quality powders to ensure a uniform and lasting finish. Our environmentally friendly process emits zero or near-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it a safer choice for both our customers and the planet. Additionally, our expert team works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and offers customised solutions that go beyond standard offerings. Our problem-solving capabilities allow us to address unique challenges, ensuring that we meet and exceed customer expectations.

  3. 3. The Quotation Process: To make our services as accessible and efficient as possible, we have streamlined our quotation process:

    • Initial Contact: Contact us via email or phone to start your project. We believe in open communication to fully understand your requirements.

    • Provide Details: Share the drawings of your product, including dimensions and the material it is made from. This helps us assess the scope of work and tailor our services to your needs.

    • Specify Your Needs: Let us know what service you are looking for. Whether you are new to powder coating or have specific requirements due to past experiences, we are here to assist you.

    • Identify the Problem: Clearly stating the problem you want to solve with powder coating helps us focus on providing a solution-oriented approach. Whether it's enhancing durability, achieving a specific aesthetic, or complying with industry standards, we are ready to address your concerns.

Our service is not just about applying a coating; it's about providing a comprehensive solution that enhances the value and longevity of your products. At Vlukon, we combine technical expertise with exceptional customer service to deliver a powder coating experience that is unmatched in quality and satisfaction.

In addition to powder coating, Vlukon can also offer you 3D laser cutting, deep drawing, turning, milling, and welding.

Vlukon powder coat and surface treatment technology

How come Vlukon Rims have such a long lifetime?
Together with our powder coat supplier AKZO NOBEL, we tested numerous paint methods. Over 30 years Vlukon has developed unique processes of pre-treatment and coating, which guaranteed the highest quality paint on our rims.

Our powder coating line technology, capacity and performance have been updated in 2023.

Why is powder coating preferred over wet paint or zinc electroplating (electro galvanization)?
Powder coating gives superior hardness, durability and long protection against corrosion and creates an esthetic and decorative high finish look of the product.

After the process of degreasing, phosphating, washing and drying the rims, the coating is applied as a dry powder. Because of an electrostatic current in the line, it sticks to the metal rims and is transported to the oven. The curing process heats the dry powder allowing it to flow and form a tough, solid film.

Applying coating powder

Result: long-lasting corrosion protection even in the hardest acid and ammonia environments, like farms.

Standard colours

Every week we fit our powder coating line with the following standard base colours:

RAL code Name colour
grey aluminium   -   Wheel rim
RAL 3002  Carmine red   -   Wheel rim
RAL 9005  Jet black   -   Wheel rim
RAL 9010  Pure white   -   Wheel rim

PLEASE NOTE: Because of your screen and the use HEX codes the below-seen colours indication can differ from the actual colour which we will powder coat on the rim. Just ask us for a sample if you want to know sure what you will get.

Special colours

In the table below you find the colours, we sometimes use as well, but the frequency of the use of these powder-coating colours depends on the number of ordered rims. Depending on the quantity a surcharge may be asked for the below-specified colours. Rims and wheels can also be delivered in colours not mentioned below. Please place your request to our sales representatives.

Electrically zinc-plated rims using electro-galvanization are available on request.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of your screen and the use HEX codes the below-seen colours indication can differ from the actual colour which we will powder coat on the rim. Just ask us for a sample if you want to know sure what you will get.

RAL code  Name colour
 Metallic anthracite   -   Wheel rim
 Chrome metallic   -   Wheel rim
 Grey aluminium   -   Wheel rim
 John Deere Yellow   -   Wheel rim
 New Holland yellow   -   Wheel rim
 New Holland white   -   Wheel rim
 New Holland silver   -   Wheel rim
RAL 6001  John Deere emerald green   -   Wheel rim
RAL 6018  Kawasaki yellow-green   -   Wheel rim
RAL 1003  Signal yellow   -   Wheel rim
RAL 1007  Daffodil yellow   -   Wheel rim
RAL 1013  Pearly white   -   Wheel rim
RAL 1014  Ivory   -   Wheel rim
RAL 1015  Light ivory   -   Wheel rim
RAL 1018  Zinc yellow   -   Wheel rim
RAL 1021  Rapeseed yellow   -   Wheel rim
RAL 1023  Traffic yellow   -   Wheel rim
RAL 1028  Melon yellow   -   Wheel rim
RAL 2000  Yellow-orange   -   Wheel rim
RAL 2002  Blood orange   -   Wheel rim
RAL 2004  Bright orange   -   Wheel rim
RAL 3000  Fire red   -   Wheel rim
RAL 3002  Crimson red   -   Wheel rim
RAL 3020  Traffic red   -   Wheel rim
RAL 5005  Signal blue   -   Wheel rim
RAL 5015  Sky blue   -   Wheel rim
RAL 5017  Traffic blue   -   Wheel rim
RAL 6012  Black green   -   Wheel rim
RAL 6019  Pastel green   -   Wheel rim
RAL 6029  Mint green   -   Wheel rim
RAL 6037  Pure green   -   Wheel rim
RAL 6038  Luminous green   -   Wheel rim
RAL 7016  Anthracite grey   -   Wheel rim
RAL 7021  Black grey -   Wheel rim
RAL 7032  Pebble grey   -   Wheel rim
RAL 7035  Light grey -   Wheel rim
RAL 7037  Dusty grey -   Wheel rim
RAL 7038  Goosewing grey   -   Wheel rim
RAL 7042  Traffic grey -   Wheel rim
RAL 9001  Creme white   -   Wheel rim
RAL 9002  Grey-white   -   Wheel rim
RAL 9005  Jet black   -   Wheel rim
RAL 9005 Mat  Jet black matte   -   Wheel rim
RAL 9010  Pure white   -   Wheel rim
RAL 9016  Traffic white   -   Wheel rim
RAL 9023  Pearl dark grey   -   Wheel rim
RAL 9003  White   -   Wheel rim

PLEASE NOTE: Because of your screen and the use HEX codes the above-seen colours indication can differ from the actual colour which we will powder coat on the rim. Just ask us for a sample if you want to know sure what you will get.

Our ambition is to have the longest lifetime powder coating.

To ensure optimal lifetime of our rims Vlukon B.V. has for many years used a very modern method of corrosion protection finish painting and application utilizing a powder coating process.

Powder Coating Process:

Degreasing -> Phosphating -> Washing ->Drying -> Powdering -> Harden in oven.

We stick it to our rims:

Our Powder Coating Process Description

Chemicals Used in the Pre-treatment Tunnel

Our powder coating process begins with a three-step pre-treatment to thoroughly clean and prepare the surfaces:

  1. Cleaning, degreasing, and phosphating with Mavomphos 500 LT in water at 50-55°C.
  2. Rinsing with low-calcium municipal water at room temperature.
  3. Passivation with Mavomcoat 1300 in demineralised water at room temperature, with the addition of small quantities of Chemetall additives H7247, H7143, and H7401.

The chemical baths are refreshed monthly with regular monitoring and adjustment of concentrations.

Drying Process

Following pre-treatment, the drying process begins with dripping, potentially assisted by fans, followed by an oven phase.

Capacity and Dimensions

The maximum product dimensions for powder coating orders are:

2000 x 180 x 1650 mm
2000 x 480 x 1100 mm

Minimum order value: £350.

Our line has a standard throughput time of 140 minutes. We can vary the chain speed from 0.75-1.5m/minute.

Oven Specifications

The oven is gas-heated, spans 32 metres in length, with a temperature profile rising to 195°C, and a standard dwell time of 32 minutes.

Paint Thickness and Corrosion Resistance

The standard paint thickness ranges from 100-140 microns. For optimal corrosion resistance, tested according to ISO 9227 and ASTM B117.

Please contact our sales representatives for all your enquiries!

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