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Vlukon - Innovating Wheel Systems for Various Sectors

Vlukon: Innovating Wheel Systems for Various Sectors

At Vlukon, we don't simply craft wheel systems; we drive progress and enhance experiences. Our innovative customers collaborate with us, challenging us to create wheel systems that surpass expectations. From bespoke suspensions to resilient tyres, each component embodies dedication and expertise.

Imagine industries buzzing with efficiency, farms flourishing with productivity, all powered by the meticulously engineered wheels we provide. We comprehend the heartbeat of manufacturing, the pulse of automation, and the rhythm of transportation in agriculture. That's why we infuse every wheel we manufacture with our passion.

As a family-owned boutique manufacturer, we view our clients not just as customers but as partners in progress. Together, let's redefine possibilities, making the journey smoother, safer, and more efficient. Choose Vlukon, where passion meets performance, and let's roll towards a brighter future, hand in hand.


Our mission is to be your manufacturer for high-quality wheel systems that make life easier.


Our experts engineer products to achieve the highest reliability at competitive prices.

Over the past 50 years, Vlukon has developed a wide range of rims and complete wheels ranging from 4 to 15.5 inches in diameter. The development of new products is an ongoing process within our technical department in collaboration with our customers.

What Sets Vlukon Apart from Competitors?

  • The ability to produce small series
  • Highest quality due to in-house manufacturing and control
  • Short delivery times
  • Co-design: Our R&D department collaborates with customers to create innovative solutions
  • Rims designed according to ETRTO standards
  • Exclusive use of European/US supply chains

Vlukon Vaals is the Dutch manufacturer of pressed steel rims for wheels with pneumatic tyres. Currently, Vlukon ranks among the most prominent manufacturers in the field.

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