Torsion axles


Development of Torsion Axles

Vlukon, a pioneer in the development of torsion axles, has resumed the production of these components after a 27-year hiatus since 2023. Our focus is on integrating the torsional rubber spring element and rubber suspension units in solutions combined with brake discs, hubs, rims, and tyres to complete wheel systems. The construction of these metal-elastomer springs requires an initial preload of the elastomer working elements, which determines their operational properties. This advanced design offers improved performance compared to traditional spring systems and marks a significant advancement in the technology of torsion axles.

Potential of Torsion Axles

Torsion axles, especially those made of metal-elastomer, offer significant advantages in a variety of applications. These axles, which use torsional rubber spring elements, combine the durability of metal with the flexibility of rubber. This results in a unique spring system that can effectively absorb vibrations while simultaneously providing sturdy support. This technology is particularly useful in vehicle suspension systems, where the ability to absorb shocks and provide a stable ride is crucial.

Applications of Torsion Axles

The applications of torsion axles are wide and varied. In the automotive industry, they are used to improve ride comfort and enhance safety. Beyond the automotive industry, they are found in industrial machinery, trains, and even in construction equipment. The Neidhart-type suspension units, consisting of metal-elastomer torsion springs, are an excellent alternative to steel spiral springs, especially in environments where vibration reduction and shock absorption are essential.


Development of custom made Torsion Axles by Vlukon

In the development of our wheel systems, Vlukon can integrate torsion axles into the solution. If more detailed functionality is needed, Vlukon has the capability to develop, test, and produce custom made torsion axles.

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