Rims & wheels for Agriculture

With great durability and ease of assembly

Engineering support for the development of rims. 3D / FEM / CAD simulation

Or choose from our 4.500 different types of rims from 4” to 16 inch and 28 different colors, for agricultural and industrial use

Shock absorbing Pneumatic wheels, Slewing Rings & Industrial wheels

for Ground support & Airfields

Welcome to VLUKON! Wheels designed on request

since 1969

Rims & Wheels for lawn mowers and compact tractors

Great support and made to your needs

Wheels with reinforced flanges for Heavy duty machines

for Traction & Drive Applications

Wear resistant Tyres in industrial wheels for demanding applications

for Material Handling

Stong metal rims Standard and OEM

Disks welded or bolted together. 3" to 18" for any tyre type and axle connection

Pneumatic and industrial tyres with welded hub

Complete wheel: Tire, rim and welded hub with roller bearing, ball bearing or keyway

Wheels with rims for hub fitting

Pneumatic tyres and industrial tyres on rims with stud holes for fitting on flange hub

Special parts & accessories

Stubaxle, standard or complex custom axles, torsion axles, axle-end hubs, spring elements.

Vlukons Advantage

Vlukon is the No.1 manufacturer of high-quality metal rims & wheels. We make your work-life easier.

Short delivery times for Made 2 Measure products

Because we made our production facility semi-automated and flexible we can also manufacture small batches of wheels and achieve short deliver times, which come Just in Time when you need it.

Competitive Made 2 Measure wheels

Vlukon prides itself in its ability to realize maximum value for our customers by developing rims based on the needs of the end user. Our experts re-engineer products to reach highest reliability with competitive price.

Customer cases

The story of Rims & Wheels factory Vlukon

Since 1969, Vlukon has been producing metal rims and wheels for well-known European manufacturers of agricultural machinery and industrial applications.
The factory is a continuation of the "Machine and Devices factory NEVA".
The combination of a flexible and semi-automated production line and the focus on developing rims that meet the wishes of the end user means that Vlukon delivers product solutions that meet the requirements:
Improving end-user efficiency
Short JIT delivery times and the possibility to order small batches.
Saving quality and reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
Vlukon BV has a production capacity of 500,000 rims per year and is therefore the Dutch market leader.

Metal rims, wheels and tyres - Technical information

In the case of tyres, the dimensions are generally expressed in mm. The more classic dimensions are indicated in inches. Both dimensions are laid down in the guidelines of the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation (ETRTO).

When dimensioning a rim, the first digits indicate the width of the rim bed, the last digits indicate the rim diameter in inches. The capital letter after the first digits indicates the shape of the rim horn. The character between the letter and the last digits indicates the type of rim, i. e. x for deep bed rim (1-piece, welded), or - for flatbed rim (2-piece, bolt).

All Vlukon rims are designed according to the dimensions of ETRTO to meet the highest safety requirements.

In addition to the dimensions, there is an indication of the load-bearing capacity on the tyre. This is indicated by the Load Index (LI) and the Speed Index (SI) on radially constructed tyres. The LI shows the maximum load capacity of the tyre at 1.6 bar and at the speed indicated by the SI. The load-bearing capacity and maximum speed of the tyre are also affected by the stiffness of the tyre to be indicated by the value Ply Rating (PR) with diagonally constructed tyres. The higher the number, the stiffer the tyre and the greater its load capacity.

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