Vlukon focuses on providing solutions for challenging mobility issues in Industrial and Agriculture, our manufacturing and engineering process is highly flexible and allows us to accommodate custom designs, with high precision easily. Our in-house mould and tools manufacturing department are set up to make steel rim adjustments quick and easy. Since 1969, we have built up an extensive range of moulds to configure the perfect quality metal rim and support system. For your technical development projects we support your engineers with the following:


CAD Models


  • Request a drawing of one of our part numbers
  • Drawn to your specifications
  • Configured from one of the thousands of existing models



Feasibility Studies


  • Design proposals to increase manufacturability
  • Calculations and Planning based on Finite element method (FEM) analysis
  • How to improve the product to make the work life of the end user easier



Ask an Engineer

  • Get answers to your difficult questions
  • Direct contact with a Vlukon engineer

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